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Pro Per Limited Scope

Only pay for what YOU need!

At Weston Law Group, our focus is always on our clients.  However, with the recent costs of litigation and the ever so growing fees associated with litigation. More and more people are turning to the self-help books and online tutorials to help them write their own legal briefs and motions. 

Weston Law Group is proud to announce, that we offer motion writing at a fixed price. With the recent rule changes in California, Rule 1.2 of the Rules of Professional Conduct allows us to provide a limited scope agreement between you and our office. This limited scope allows us to provide you with an applicable brief or motion for a fixed LOW cost, without the ongoing legal fees associated with hiring a lawyer for the whole case!

This exclusive limited scope relationship is the best way to ensure you provide opposing counsel and the court with a well written brief or motion, while keeping the cost low.


Call today to hear more about what type of representation works best for you!

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Motion Writing

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